Captain Mei-Ling Wu

Name Mei-Ling Wu

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5’3”
Weight 50 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Grey
Physical Description Mei is a slight women who is in excellent physical condition. She works out regularly, yoga and running, to keep herself in the shape she is. She keeps her hair long but when on duty she often pulls it back into a sheer ponytail. She does wear makeup but keeps it gently applied to only heighten her features and usually a soft pink lipstick.
She has a soft bit surprisingly warm smile that always reaches her eyes, something that she seems to have passed on to both of her sons.


Spouse Mateo Castellano (Deceased)
Children Shoi-Ming Wu (Oldest: 23 Born 2331)
Haoyu Wu (Youngest: 21 Born 2333)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mei has a sharp mind and whit but it is warm and gentle in nature. She is maternal with not only her children but the younger members of her crew. At heart she is a scientist and an explorer but it is mixed with a hearty amount of being family orientated.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is a kind hearted commander, someone who inspires through leading by example.
A strength that could be a weakness at the same time is her maternal approach to her crew. She will fight for them almost to a fault.
She anthropomorphises her ship to a fault. She feels that it has pulled her through many bad situations and has turned down three other commands over the last six years in command of the USS Tsiolkovsky.
Ambitions Her ambition is to command her own science vessel, which she has now achieved. Beyond that she wants to make sure her children are both successful, generous and kind people who settle down and continue on the family line.
Hobbies & Interests Archery, Stellar cartography, Astronomy, Chess

Personal History Mei Ling Wu was born in 2309 in China where she grew up having a rich childhood, playing, scraping her knee’s, going to school… Everything one would expect from a child. Her parents both enlisted civilians working at Starfleet Headquarters. Her Father was an attache to Admiral Pavel Checkov and her mother worked with Starfleet Science developing new sensor platforms. Both had aspirations of supporting Mei in whatever career she chose but they could not have been prouder when she told them she wanted to enroll in Starfleet Academy.

During her high school years she focused on the sciences, pushing herself to be better and better which in turn had a detrimental effect on her social life. She never had a boyfriend, very few friends but this all changed when she started at the Academy in 2327. In her first week she met Mateo Castellano. He was a local of Madrid and the pair had a lot in common and soon hit it of. His friends soon became their friends and her social circle increased from one or two friends from her childhood to a very healthy number.

During her time at the Academy she focused on the science fields and soon found that her chosen field was Stellar Cartography. On top of this, in her final year Mateo proposed and the pair were married the day after graduation. Shortly after that Mei was pregnant with her first child.
Service Record Due to her pregnancy Mei was assigned to Starbase One in Orbit of Earth and her Husband was assigned to a Sol System patrol ship. It was an uneventful year with the exception of the birth of Shoi-Ming Wu, their first son. Mei remained on Starbase for the first few years of her career where she also gave birth to her second son with Mateo who they called Haoyu Wu. Mateo was not present for the birth of their second son as his ship had been assigned to research a spatial anomaly which sadly destroyed his ship with all hands.

In late 2334 Mei was ready to take up a new assignment after seven months of compassionate leave to rise her two children alone, her parents both passing away of old age through this time as well. When she was ready through Starfleet found her a fresh assignment, a short range science vessel that would be away from Earth for a few weeks at a time, both Shoi-Ming and Haoyu staying with Mateo’s mother and father.
Over the coming years she remained on a bouncing stellar sciences role moving from ship to ship as needed and steadily rising through the ranks and still finding plenty of time to spend with her children as they grew up.

By the year 2342 Mei had achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander, her children now aged 15 and 13 years old, both of which had encouraged her to take on a longer assignment, which she did. Six months on a deep space survey mission on a Constellation Class Starship under the Command of Captain Saavik, one of her idols growing up and a Starfleet Legend in and off herself. Mei remained with the USS Hathaway for the next 8 years, taking a month off between the ships different assignments to spend the time with her kids, she saw them both grow and join the Academy. By 2348 she had risen to the rank of Commander and at Captain Saavik’s recommendation she was given command of the science vessel USS Tsiolkovsky.

In 2349 her oldest son graduated the Academy and two years later so did her youngest son. Shoi-Ming taking up as a Security and Tactical Officer, and her youngest son having specialised as a pilot. Her own ship continued on with its routine scientific missions. Tensions however had started to develop between the Federation and the Cardassian Union in the mis 2350s and to this end the USS Tsiolkovsky was called back to Utopia Planitia Shipyards for a complete system and structural refit. Her ship had been chosen to test pilot many upgraded systems intended for the new Galaxy Class Starship that was in development. This meant that between 2352 and 2354 she had been assigned a desk job at Starfleet Science Division, most of her crew had been reassigned to other projects.

In 2350 the Tsiolkovsky was ready to launch with an entirely new crew under her command and multiple new systems, upgrades and quality of life features due to be implemented on the Galaxy Class design but it had come at a cost. The science labs had been limited to just one in each section but the sensor palettes were nearly seventy times more accurate and sensitive than the old models she had on her ship before hand. It was now her job to test these systems before the new design vessel could launch in a time of uncertainty for the Federation as tensions between the Federation and the Cardassian’s continued to devolve and was now on the verge of war.