Lieutenant JG Gabriella DeSoto

Name Gabriella DeSoto

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 4"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Slim and athletic physique. Has blonde hair that flows beyond her shoulders and a youthful appearance. A smile that can light up any room.


Father Hansel DeSoto
Mother Amel DeSoto
Brother(s) None.
Sister(s) Esme DeSoto

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + Superior intellect due to augmentation.
+ Superior hand to eye coordination (when wearing her glasses) and hearing.
+ Empathetic
+ Perfect recall/memory.

- Less than ideal eyesight (wears corrective lenses). If she doesn't have them on she can't see very well.
- Has an inferiority complex that stems from childhood.
Ambitions To prove she is as every bit as good as her sister, Esme.
Climb ranks of Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Playing the violin. She enjoys art and sculpting in particular.
Loves to read when she gets the chance and can at times be found playing squash in the holodeck.

Personal History Gabriella was born on Medigulla IV, a fairly affluent colony that catered to the elite of society. They were a Human offshoot if you want to call it that, they broke away from Earth over a century ago and decided to go their own way. The planet itself is run by a senate of representatives who submit to a Council of Rule.

Gabriella, never Gabby, never Ella, was the second daughter of Hansel DeSoto, a prominent and very distinguished diplomat and scholar, and Amel DeSoto, also a woman of great status on Medigulla. She held office on the Council of Rule and only ever accepted perfection from everyone.

When Gabriella was born they were elated. Amel saw another future leader, a miniature version of herself to mould into her image. Hansel rarely disagreed with his wife. A skilled diplomat he may have been but in his own home he knew never to rattle the cage of the woman in power. Their marriage one of convenience and status there never was much love between them so none was lost over time.

As Gabriella grew she was given the best of everything. Clothes, food, ‘friends’ and even started on education far earlier than she should have been. Pressured into trying to learn things beyond her grasp, her development stunted and she began to push, began to reject all attempts at learning. This was noticed by tutors and when she began proper education she had a little more emotional and intellectual maturity but still had fallen behind.

Amel was not happy with this and used her connections, her money and her hubris to secretly take Gabriella to Adigeon Prime. This planet was known for its medical knowledge, medical prowess, in the field of DNA resequencing. Gabriella underwent accelerated critical neural pathway formation, a fairly new and revolutionary procedure.

Told the risks to their child's health they proceeded without delay.

The procedure was deemed a success but it was not without its side effects. During the procedure Gabriella lost her sight. There was an attempt to fix this but due to the techniques used in the procedure and the change to her DNA some damage was irreversible. As such she now wears corrective lenses, glasses, to assist in her vision.

The DNA procedure had promised a great increase in IQ, and her hearing would see an improvement. Ironically her hand eye coordination would improve even with the sight deficit and she would be superior in health.

This was to be a secret of course. Not only were these procedures illegal but Amel would never let anyone know that her daughter was anything short of a marvel just because she came from her.

As Gabriella grew she excelled in school, outclassing all of her classmates. Still her parents expected more, and told her so wherever they could. Gabriella would get 100% on a maths test, her parents expected that and extra credit, and she was always compared to her older sister Esme.

No matter what Gabriella did there was always that comparison with Esme. She was always second best, and could always try better. Gabriella would learn the violin, Esme learned the piano and composed her own musical. Gabriella sculpted a bust of a prominent Medigullan figure, Esme had painted a scene from the Council of Rule with them reigning judgement down on the rest of the population.

Gabriella got into medicine, so naturally Esme got into politics. A fight Gabriella was never going to win.

At the age of 14 she also broke into her parents secure lockbox and found her medical transcripts and confronted them. They admitted what they had done with no shame but still remained resolute that they had done nothing wrong but ensure good stock in her by ‘fixing’ her. They never really were on good terms, this pushed them further apart.

As soon as she was old enough she applied and got accepted early at 17 into the medical academy of Starfleet. She had heard they were inclusive, supportive and if you excelled you got recognition and praise. God she craved praise.

Her parents forbade her, she defied them and snuck off on a transport ship. By the time they had found out she was already in Federation territory.

Gabriella hid her augmentation, knowing the rules, the stigma and whatnot that came with it. She was smart enough to hide it during scans and medicals.

She graduated early at only 6 years of studies, and was at the top of her class , she was offered a choice of any assignment. She chose the USS Tsiolkovsky.
Service Record 2348 -> 2354 - Medical Cadet/Student Doctor, Starfleet Medical Academy
2354 -> PRES - Chief Medical Officer, USS Tsiolkovsky