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Command bonding

Posted on Sun Nov 5th, 2023 @ 9:30am by Lieutenant Commander Zhi'rev & Captain Mei-Ling Wu

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Mission: 1.1 - Catalyst
Location: Holodeck


Zhi studied the double door in front of him. This was, to him, new technology, well beyond the use of the replicator. He studied the controls for a moment, then tapped his brand new comm badge. "Commander Zhi'rev to Captain Wu. Could you please join me at the...holodeck?"

"Of course Commander. I am in the science lab so I should be just a moment!"
The lab being located at the opposite end of the corridor that connected all of the different science labs together as well as the new Holodeck. The door parted which could be heard from the Commanders location, and the subsequent footfalls on the deck plating.
"Yes Commander!"

"Have you ever been on a holodeck captain?" The Vulcan queried as he scrolled through a list of available programs. "I have not...I have heard of them before but until now never had a chance to see one. Would you care to explore with me?"

"I have been meaning to look at this. I have been on one before but they are limited to Starbases and their capabilities are vista's only. I'm curious to see what upgrades these smaller units will have brought."
She said curiously, going onto her tiptoes to see the display over her first officers shoulder.

Smiling softly, the tall Vulcan took a single step aside so she could see. "There is a wide range of programs available," he said as suggestions continued to scroll past, he tapped the screen, bringing the scroll to a halt. "This looks interesting, it seems historical going on the title. The witch hunt of Salem?" Zhi turned his head to cast her a questioning look. "What is a witch?"

"Western cultural term for a woman with magical abilities that she used for her own means... They were ultimately drowned, hung or hand their hands chopped off... Perhaps we could start with something a little more cheerful?"
She said matter of fact but was laughing inside.

"Are you saying a man could not be a witch?" Zhi asked as he resumed scrolling. "This seems cheerful... a beach holiday. I do not recall ever having seen a beach..."

"That seems more appropriate" knowing she could do with a little bit of sun and sea air. It had always been very bracing and invigorating. "And men could be witches but it was far less likely."

"Why is that?" the Vulcan asked as he instructed the computer to load the holodeck with the selected program. There was a brief hum before the doors slid aside to admit the pair. Warm and salty air greeted them as a light breeze wove through a set of palm trees. Before them was a pearly white beach and waves crashed upon the shore. "Captain, before we proceed, I should probably inform you that I do not know how to swim."

"Good to know" she said rather thrown by the statement. Had he intended to go swimming or where they just here to investigate the holodeck. She waved the thought away as quickly as it landed.
"This is incredible" her eyes scanning the vista around them. It was for all intent and purpose real, she could smell the salt in the air, feel the heat from the sun on her skin. "I can see the holodeck becoming a very popular facility, especially as this is only prototype tech. It will have refined considerably before the roll out of the Galaxy Class Starship.

Observing his captain for a moment, he stepped forward onto the sand and removed his boots and socks. "It feels very real," he reported as he felt the loose sand between his toes. Leaning down, he set his boots aside and picked up a handful of the white sand. "This may well be considered real, even if it is not."

"I suppose it works along the same lines as the replicators but instead of it being recycled matter... and don't get me started on what the replicators are using. I only found out this morning!" her tangent now done she returned to the topic at hand. "As I was saying, the principle I assume is the same. Only instead of recycled matter its energy generated matter."

"I know how replicators work, at least the science behind it. To a degree at least." Zhi shrugged as he dug his foot further into the loose sand. "I believe one may get lost in the reality of this appearance," he added, "even if this is only a light effect to a degree. Smoke and mirrors, is that not the Human idiom?"

"It is indeed Commander" Mei wanted to shed her tunic and lay on the sand soaking up the sun, feel the sand between her toes and the lap of the crystal sea waved lapping at her skin but this was not the moment. She could easily book time in the holodeck, and perhaps that might be something they needed to put in place.
"I can see this technology being highly sort after. We may have to put some kind of booking schedule in place for its use."

"Or invest in a second unit when the time comes. Fortunately this is a small vessel. Perhaps we can restrict individual use? As in, others must be able to join in on a program?" Zhi watched her get nearly engulfed by the soft waves and shuddered visibly. "This device does have safety measures against dangerous endeavours does it not?" He nodded towards her. "For instance, it would not allow you to drown, would it?"

"They have safety protocols embedded but the have said that if someone calls up a program with a storm then you really do have a storm" she was a little dubious about the safety of it herself after the Commanders enquiry. "Perhaps we can..."

Her words were caught short as the comm link chirped.
"Captain this is the bridge. We are approaching the rendezvous point!"

"Acknowledge. On our way!"
She replied after tapping her combadge. She had to admit that the new version were much easier to handle than the older handheld units. "Come on!"

"Computer, end program," Zhi commanded as he followed her. He felt a moment of disorientation as the beach was replaced by the black and yellow holodeck grid. A chill reminded him of his bare feet, however with the summons from the bridge he just picked up his boots and carried them under his arm. Barefoot, he followed her to the bridge.



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