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Posted on Wed Dec 13th, 2023 @ 2:56pm by Captain Mei-Ling Wu & Lieutenant Commander Zhi'rev & Lieutenant Grek Hivak & Lieutenant JG Gabriella DeSoto

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Mission: 1.1 - Catalyst
Location: Sickbay


"Ah Commander!" Mei called as she rounded a corner, her course set for sickbay. She had requested Commander Zhi'rev attend and it was just fortuitous that she ran into him as she stepped from the turbolift. She caught up to him and kept a brisk pace as she lead the way towards sickbay.
"Have you had a chance to review the new environmental suits and determine their viability under the situation we could be heading into?"

She crossed the threshold of Sickbay, it had been complete redesigned. The surgical bay was to her left, two biobeds directly ahead and a large curved window to her right where the Doctor's office was not located. Presumably the medical lab and morgue beyond them.

"Yes captain, and I have suggested a few minor alterations to the EV suits that should increase the safety of our people," the Vulcan answered as he fell in line with his commanding officer. He cast sickbay a curious glance, trying to catch a glimpse of his mate as they walked. "Did you have a chance to review them?"

"That's why we are here. You can run the Doctor and I through them and how we use these newfangled things!" she waved a hand at the suit a crewman was setting up by the main display in sickbay before nodding a greeting at the Doctor as she approached.

"They look claustrophobic and cumbersome." Gabriella spoke as she appeared next to the pair. She was not impressed by how bulky they look, especially when she was meant to be giving out medical aid. "Look at those gloves. How am I meant to hold anything properly?" she asked with slight exasperation.

Zhi gave her a once over then nodded in agreement. "Indeed," he answered, "perhaps we can find a suitable solution for that, without sacrificing your safety. Do you have any proposals?"

"I'm not an engineer, not a machine one anyway." Gabriella admitted. "Apart from changing the style of glove I don't know what to do with it but persevere. I'd imagine the glove on it has been tested for durability, safety and whatnot." she shrugged looking at the captain.

"I'm not an engineer either," the Vulcan chuckled, and I think you're right. Even so, I'm sure we can come up with adjustments that suit your needs without compromising your safety?"

"If I remember rightly, there is an old earth equivalent... I think they called it a hazmat suit. Made of some form of thin plastic, could be fitted with a cooling system but the gloves were made of latex. Easier to puncture but would allow a full range of movement. Could the suits be adapted for the Doctors needs in this manner?"
Mei was spit balling. In truth she was a stellar cartographer and not a medical specialist. "I have also requested the presence of our new Chief Engineer. Perhaps he might have some alternatives".

"I can try and make what we have work." Gabriella sighed. "I can't say I have the experience to tell you both what is best." She made comment on her recent graduation from the Academy. "I just personally find the suits quite chunky around the fingers, but I know they are designed for easy use."

"I'm sure we can work something out that suits your needs and level of comfort doctor," Zhi promised, "we'll keep you involved in the process even though we don't have that much time. In the other hand, perhaps you need to spend a little more time inside them to get used to them?"

The doors of the sickbay opened up and a Tellarite in a gold engineering uniform walked in, "You wanted to see me Captain?" Grek said as he eyed the EV suit.

"Ah yes" she moved to meet the Tellerite, linking her arm through his as she guided him across sickbay to where the small group had gathered. "Given the situation we find ourselves warping towards we need your expertise. The Doctor may be needing to complete some complex medical procedures while in the EV Suit but its a little clunky and not quite as nimble as she would have hoped... Is there anything you can do?"

The Tellarite eyed the doctor and then moved his eyes back to the suit. He unlinked his arm from the captain's and looked closer at the suit. "There has been some talk abround Starfleet Engineering about a new thinned suit, but nothing tested. I might be able to make the fingers thinner and more flexible, but anything more that that would require a complete suit redesign." Grek gave the Captain a toothy smile, "Am I sensing a task?"

"Your perceptive abilities are second to none Lieutenant!" Mei stopped allowing the Tellarite the space he would need to examine the suit.

Gabriella looked away and huffed quietly to herself, she knew they were trying to help. It wasn't the fingers that were the issue but the cumbersome nature of the whole glove. She needed freedom of movement, the tactile touch, firm and resolute grip that came with a free hand and not one constricted by the restraints of a suit. However, she knew the need for the suit and that if she did not wear it that she may fall ill herself.

Glancing at the Captain, who was again in his personal space, "What do you specifically need me to do? I am not a miracle worker. So I can't just snap my fingers and it will work." Grek said stepping back and crossing his arms.

"Find a way to make the suit more agreeable to the Doctor's needs without compromising her suits self contained environment".
She said sweetly, ignoring the more direct approach the Engineer had taken when addressing her. She knew it would be more a cultural thing than a direct attack so she let it slide instead deciding to have the complete opposite approach with him.

Grunting, the Tellarite Engineer looked the suit up and down again. "Well.... transfer it to engineering. I will see what I can do. No promises. I am guessing you need this to be my priority?"

"Unless you have anything more pressing to do Lieutenant?" she added again in a sickly sweet tone.

Zhi managed to produce a perfectly neutral expression to hide his amusement, though if asked later he wouldn't be able to explain how he had managed to suppress a grin.

"Nothing more pressing than a small ship crammed to the brim with technology too advanced for it. But I will make sure the ship won't explode and get the suit read for the good doctor." Grek said pressing his face close to the gloves again too see if it would even be possible.

"Well if there is nothing more, I'm sure we all have better things to be doing than standing around in sickbay getting in the good Doctors way!" the shorter women looked between the taller members of the group, even the young Doctor a touch taller than her.

"Yes, well this awkwardness has gone on long enough." Gabriella mentioned in regards to Grek's overall attitude towards the situation. However, Tellarite's weren't known for their sparkling personality and she imagined it was a trait that she'd have to get used to.



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