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Moments In History

Posted on Wed Dec 13th, 2023 @ 2:55pm by Captain Mei-Ling Wu & Petty Officer 2nd Class Neve Idire & Lieutenant Commander Zhi'rev & Lieutenant Tyv th'Qarret & Lieutenant JG Gabriella DeSoto

1,307 words; about a 7 minute read

Mission: 1.1 - Catalyst


Mei and Zhi had departed the holodeck, having shut the program down and started across deck eight, a short journey as deck eight was essentially a straight corridor with rooms branching off, the holodeck at one side and the turbolift at the other. She tapped her combadge once more. "All senior officers report to the bridge!"

She boarded the lift, Zhi on her heels. "I wish Command had been able to give us more specifics about what we are walking into... Do we even know who our contact is at this rendezvous?"

"I am certain a brief will be waiting for us when we arrive," the Vulcan answered as he knelt down to put his socks and boots back on. "And if not, we are bound to find out soon."

Main Bridge

"Lieutenant Tyv, we are approaching the Cardassian/Bajoran border." Said the crewman sat at the helm.

The Andorian nodded as he rose from the Command Chair. "Drop us out of warp, crewman." He said as he watched the ship slow to Impulse speed. "All senior officers report to the bridge, we have arrived at the border."

Neve walked out of the turbolift and looked around for her seat. She heard the tail end of someone saying they were approaching the Cardassian/Bajoran border which spurred her on to take her station, she started pulling up what they knew as relevant syntax's in case.

Zhi walked over to the science station and activated his console. "Starting passive scans," he announced quietly, "I recommend yellow alert as we don't know what is awaiting us "

Mei and Zhi had entered on the heels of Chief Idire, already seeing her second officer depart the Captains seat.
"We are here on a mercy mission Lieutenant. Keep security on alert but keep our shields down. We will take no provocative action, is that clear"
She directed her words to the entire bridge but she couldn't help herself with a smile. 'Honestly Mei, how provocative an action can an Oberth Class make?'

"Engineering, keep the engines primed just in case we need to make a rapid exit" she began addressing her senior officers. "Commander, what are our sensors telling us. Can you see our escort on sensors?"

"Yes, Captain. One Galor class vessel is coming into sensor range now." The Andorian said after a few moments of settling back at his station. "Shall I go to yellow alert, sir?"

'Yellow Alert?' Gabriella thought as she walked through the doors of the turbolift to the bridge. What had she walked into? She took up one of the rear stations so she would be out of the way. She never really thought she needed to be present on the bridge, but maybe for the sake of knowing what was going on it was a good idea.

The Vulcan XO was silent for several long seconds. "Their weapons are down as are their shields," he reported, "the vessel appears to hold standard crew and armaments. I'm not reading anything out of the ordinary. But I recommend caution all the same. Shall I open hailing frequencies?"

"Well there is that I suppose" she said dryly in response to her first officers report. "Ensign Munroe, open a channel".

"Hailing the ship," Neve said making to connect them.

"Cardassian Vessel. This is Captain Mei-Ling Wu of the Federation Starship Tsiolkovsky. We have been dispatched in response to a request from the Cardassian Government for aid in the Bajoran System".

She paused, allowing the communication to be sent and processed by the other vessel. She waited a few moments. "Cardasssian Vessel do you read?"

Zhi studied his readings. "I'm not reading malfunctions," he reported, "they should be receiving our hails." He arched an eyebrow at the others. "It seems they are either simply ignoring us, or are trying to test our patience."

Moments later a male Cardassian face appeared on the viewscreen. "I'm Legate Cuk Matan, prefect of Bajor." Came the short and to the point reply.

"Legate, greetings. We are ready to assist as needed" she added. "It would be helpful if you could forward on what information you currently have about the illness that is affecting Bajor".

The Legate frowned, "I was lead to believe by Central Command that they had forwarded all information regarding what is happening on Bajor to Starfleet?"

'Well, they haven't.' Gabriella thought to herself as she scoffed slightly.

"We had been informed that it would be provided upon us arriving at the border of our space for fear of compromising some of your peoples communication protocols". Mei had known as had the Admirals that it was a dodge. The Cardassians were still unsure they wanted the Federations help, but still she and her ship and crew were here now to help, so that is what she would do. "Perhaps you and your officers would care to dine with us this evening aboard the Tsiolkovsky. We could begin to build a trust between us and exchange the data that we will need to begin formulating a resolution to your situation?"

She had to blink two or three times before it sunk in what she had just done. She could feel the eyes of most of her senior officers on her as well. Thankfully they all seemed to have a more than adequate poker face.

Zhi said nothing, working hard to keep his expression neutral. It cost him considerable effort to do so, since he was quite curious about the Cardassians. As a scientist , he was generally curious about everything alien.

Gabriella found the Cardassian's a touch scary. She didn't know why, she'd only heard stories about them, and they weren't full of sunshine and rainbows. Dinner though? She would have to attend that it if it was a senior officer affair.

Matan looked coldly at the Starfleet Captain. "Very well, we shall send the relevant information we have on board. However, this information isn't complete. We are a military ship, we don't generally cater for medical emergencies." He paused for a moment as a sly smile grew on his face. "Our scans also show you are no match for us so if you try anything stupid we will simply destroy you."

"As would be your right but we are here as friends, nothing more" she added before changing tracks completely. "We will arrange to have you beamed aboard in say, three hours. We will have a full array of foods that we can discuss the situation over together!"

She was too far in to go back on her words now so she pressed on instead knowing this would likely be a complete disaster in the making. "We look forward to seeing you Legate. Tsiolkovsky out!"

"Captain, may I suggest requesting a list of delicacies from them so not to ah .. confront them with mostly Terran dishes. I fear anything Vulcan may be too bland or far too spicy for their palate." Zhi arched a single eyebrow at her, the ghost of a smile breaking up his neutral fa├žade.

"Officer level thinking Commander. Communications, send the request through to the Legate".
Mei looked directly at her first officer sharing a moments look between herself and he before she addressed the rest of the room. "All senior officer will need to attend and this will be a dress uniform event ladies and gentleman".

"Friendly fellow." Tyv commented from the tactical station. "I'll post security in sensitive areas of the ship and would recommend locking the ship's computer core for the duration they're on board, Captain?"

"I'll... be in sickbay." Gabriella shrugged.

Zhi frowned, he absolutely hated the dress uniform and would actually prefer formal Vulcan dress. But since the order was given... "I will return to the bridge," he stated instead.



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